About us


More than 25 years of experience

Nuevas Técnicas de Dispersión, S.L.,whose aim is providing the best solutions for its clients, feels de need to be at the cutting edge in terms of technology, incorporating the latest technical innovations on the market.


NTD carries out its activity in two completely different fields:


On the one hand the company builds machinery and make installations in the Chemical Industry sector. . Having a wide experience in this sector, NTD offers our clients the supply of the machine requested as well as the whole installation for the manufacturing plant for their products, with either semi-automatic processes or totally automatic, by means of PC-PLC system.


On the other hand the company manufactures machinery and makes installations for the polymer drying by Ultraviolet Radiation/IR. NTD has a proven experience in the application as well as the surface treatment on a wide range of materials, in diverse fields such as wood, natural stone or ceramics.


NTD has created even portable equipment for the drying by UV/IR at the workplace itself or specific point of use.


NTD researches the new materials and products available on the market in order to offer its clients equipment with the most modern features at the most competitive price.